Favourite Online Yoga Resources

I regularly check the internet for inspiration, ideas, information and practice sessions, so I thought I’d start an ongoing list of favourite resources.  I hope you find it useful. Do comment below with some of your favourite resources and I’ll check them out and add them to the list too!

1. Sequence Wiz: sequencewiz.org
Olga Kabel’s website is much more than intelligent sequencing … it’s packed full of useful info from core awareness to hip stability.

2. The Yoga Lunchbox: theyogalunchbox.co.nz
Run by Kara-Leah, New Zealand’s very own online Yoga magazine has heaps of useful articles, often controversial, discussions and video interviews.

3. Yoga International: yogainternational.com
Formerly Yoga International Magazine, this website is packed full of great posts, many from top teachers.

4. Eckart Yoga: ekhartyoga.com
Lots of great stuff here e.g. my friend and colleague Lisa Petersen sharing Sun Salutations and Warrior 2 with Yield and Push. James Reeves with an iRest course. Esther Eckart herself has much to offer – lots of free material too on YouTube. Over 1000 classes.

5. Yoga Journal: yogajournal.com
I rarely buy the magazine these days (too many adverts), but there is still a massive amount of useful information on Yoga Journal’s website, especially if you have a few minutes to search through the articles.

6. YogaUOnline: yogauonline.com
Some awesome top teachers, classes and courses on YogaUOnline – with greater detail than many other online material. You can sample many of the videos first.

Do let me know what your favourite online Yoga resources are …


  1. Thank you for sharing those great resources Neal. I often refer to http://yogaforhealthyaging.blogspot.ca/. A variety of highly qualified bloggers on the subject of yoga and healthy aging.

    • Thanks Kathryn. That site looks awesome – I’ll check it out some more. Like the videos! Thank you for sharing.

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