About Yoga, Our Style And Our Approach

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Yoga is fundamentally about returning us to our original wholeness. Reflecting this, our aim in teaching yoga is for our practice together to be a nourishing, self-sustaining, refreshing and inspiring experience. Our yoga has many influences, though our main inspiration is our teacher Donna Farhi.

Donna teaches movement principles, (for example, letting the breath move you; finding a balanced relationship to the ground and gravity), which help us to explore our Self through the body.

Yoga is not about how flexible we are but how deeply we connect our breath, our mindfulness and our spirit to movement. Our classes include asanas (postures), pranayama (freedom of breath and energy), and meditation.

Let Ourselves Explore

The yoga classes we teach are mostly theme based classes – Neal teaches many of the movement principles he has learnt on advanced teacher trainings with renown teachers Donna Farhi, Marcia Monroe and Lisa Petersen.

We believe it is vital that yoga practitioners find joy in their practice…a joyful practice is a rich and rewarding practice!

We explore yoga, making movement enquiries to find a balance between fluidity and clear alignment through our body, so that we may move with more ease, stability, comfort and integrity in our yoga and in our life.

These classes are suitable for yoga beginners and experienced practitioners.

In these classes we may explore:

  • How our breath moves us
  • Become more aware of our spine and of a mobile, breathing and strong centre
  • How energy flows through our body
  • How we can extend into back bends safely
  • Learn about core awareness
  • Discover organ support for movement
  • Establish clear foundations for all the standing postures
  • Discover how using yoga postures and the breath may be a meditative practice
  • How yoga may serve you in your every day life
    and much more…

See the calendar of classes and events. Class location.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about these sessions.

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