Private Yoga Tuition

Neal specialises in private yoga tuition, whether this be for individuals, couples or groups. The main point being here is that yoga sessions are fully tailored to individual needs and requirements. Given a choice in fact, all yoga should be taught this way. Every person is unique, every body is a unique body, every psychology is unique and every day is a unique day.

With this in mind, we should be practicing yoga in a way which fully meets us in each day. Personal yoga sessions with Neal are geared towards helping you achieve this, so that you leave with a fluid tailored practice, one that is suited just for you and which is also changeable depending on what you wake up with each day.

The goal of teaching yoga is to empower you to find your own yoga practice that supports, sustains and nourishes you in your life.

“It was so lovely to meet you Neal and you helped me immensely to feel more confident about getting back on my feet. Very many thanks again.” Helen Simons

Three Sessions…

To encourage you to invest in your own personal practice, we recommend that you book for three sessions – you may only need 3 sessions, although ongoing support is often useful. What happens over the three sessions?

1. An initial assessment of where you are at, in your body, mind and heart.
2. Between the first and second sessions Neal formulates a yoga practice tailored to suit you. On the second session we go through the practice together.
3. A week or two later we get together to review the tailored practice, and see how the practice has been helping you, and see if any adjustments are needed.

After the third session we review again to see if ongoing support and personal tuition is suitable and desired, and we continue to develop a personal practice for you.

Please contact Neal directly to find out more how personalised yoga tuition can help you.

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