The Pilgrimage To My Self

This morning a poem arrived …

In my childhood somebody suggested,
“Just be yourself.”
What a wonderful notion!
But what did it mean?

And it came up,
Again and again,
Like a recurring messenger,
Which one day sent me off on a pilgrimage,

Across continents, Himalayan foothills,
Searching, striving, circling,
In towards a deeper, more vital path,
Towards home ground.

Along the way a beloved teacher asked,
“What do I need to feel safe with myself?”
The question dived into me, unravelling my compulsions, my addictions, my regrets,
Leaving me with a kind of grace, a vibrant gratitude.

Everything stripping away,
Throwing off the endless list of doings,
Throwing off the tyranny of my own expectations,
The driving to be a good person, a better me.

Revealing an essence,
A flowing self-lovingness,
Without conditioned judgement,
Rather, a beautiful befriending.

The Grand Permission gradually arriving at my door,
To ease into being myself,
Finally understanding I was here, always,
Available within my Awareness.

Neal Ghoshal




  1. Thank you Neal. That is beautiful. Did you write it? You say it arrived – and flowed off your pen? Good questions to ask ourselves – and it can take time to feel/have revealed our reconnecting/befriending. Befriending is a lovely word – I know i need to befriend myself, and that self inside that might be quite young and frightened and needs to be acknowledged/loved/befriended (refriended!) it is easy to be one’s own worst enemy and the loving challenge is to be one’s own best friend. Do you write much poetry? – i love writing – and sometimes poems come off my fingertips. It is a lovely space when there is a flow – and if one may be writing/journalling. I find it fascinating what insights can be revealed and knots untied … and those out of the blue Light Bulb Moments. Yum. Blessings Om Shanti

    • Dear Fran,

      Many thanks for your very kind comments about the poem 🙂 Yes I did write it and yes it just arrived one morning and I simply had to write it down before it slipped away again! I don’t write as much as I would like to, but when I do I love it, the creative flow, like tapping into another creative spiritual place within me.

      Thank you again (also for registering for Loving Presence with Fuyuko). So I shall see you soon!

      The poem actually is very influenced by the practice of iRest Yoga Nidra and arrived soon after Level 2 Training.

      Blessings and gratitude to you.


  2. This hits quite close to home. Finding out our purpose and role on this land is really a never-ending process we just keep on going through. And connecting with ourselves can be quite difficult. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem!

    • Thank you very much for your comments – so glad that you have found it valuable. Namaste – Neal

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