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Dance Like No-One’s Watching – on 5Rhythms Dance with Sacha
Yoga and Thai Massage with Neal

For Yoga Teacher Training

“Recently I had the great fortune of completing a teacher training course under Neals guidance, and cannot speak highly enough of him as a yoga teacher trainer. Neal teaches with a depth of integrity, passion and knowledge that is truly inspirational. His kindness, sense of playfulness and wise, gentle guidance has enriched my practice immensely. It has opened doors to experience wholeness and great joy in yoga and has set my own yoga teaching journey on an exciting course of possibilities.”
Lif Sunset

“I was truly blessed to have Neal take my teacher training group in 2012, his passion and wisdom gave real life and meaning to the work we were learning and inspired in me an even greater quest for knowledge and growth in my personal practice and in my teaching.”
Regan Gardner

“Recently, I had the honour of being taught and guided by Neal Ghoshal on a teacher training program. His gentle manner was only eclipsed by his breadth of experience and knowledge in the art of being a Yogi. His sense of kindness & musical abilities opened my mind to what it is to embrace wholeness and to be a teacher that truly embodies the idea of ‘loving presence.”
Emma Brasier

“Neal brings such a focused intensity to his classes that it is almost impossible not to be carried along in the teaching experience he provides.

Neal is able to make palpable the endless connections between the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga practice. His use of music and dance creates a learning experience that is holistic joyful and at times deeply sensuous.”
Simon Molloy

For The Fire In The Belly 5Rhythms Dance and Yoga Workshop

Neal & Sacha are a magic team with so much wisdom between them.  I wish it could have just kept going on & on,  I don’t think I would have stopped learning. I feel such a connection & wisdom within my body ignited by this workshop.
Jodie  Maynard

It was great fun. I loved the freedom to move my body.
Max Browne

You created a sacred container that lovingly held us as we ignited the fire in the belly and the profound effects are continuing to unfold for me in many aspects of my life.  The fires of life in my soul have been rekindles. Thank you
Tanya Heath

Neal and Sacha – what a combination you are! You are both so caring, approachable and supportive. The theme of ‘Fire in the Belly’ was a great one and presented to us on so many levels. I felt gently and gradually nurtured to explore the work over the course of the weekend, ‘getting it’ in my body, mind and soul. Deeply moving.
Lisa Fabry

The combination of yoga and dance really does amazing things to the body, mind and  heart. I had never done any dance previously but do attend yoga on a regular basis. The workshop was delivered with much love and passion you could feel the beautiful vibes in the room. I loved everything about the weekend. Thank you Neil and Sasha for your loving delivery of a very unique workshop.
Kathy (Adelaide)

For The Breath And The Heart Yoga Retreat with Karla Brodie

A very restorative weekend. I loved the organic style of yoga and the simplicity of moving with the heart and lungs. I learnt a lot and feel very nourished. Beautiful co-teaching. Much gratitude to you both.
Helen Todd

Such a blessing to be in a total environment enabling relaxation, tuning in and re-discovering the breath and the heart.
Penny Holmes

Neal and Karla offer a wonderful, relaxing and engaging program. I highly recommend it.
Lorna Earl

You guys make a kick-ass yoga teaching team. Rock on!
Zoe Watson

Neal and Karla work seamlessly together – their gentle approach and vast knowledge make for an amazing team.
Lisa O’Neill

Neal and Karla offer the perfect retreat. Relaxing and rejuvenating, an opportunity to return to yourself. They provide a safe and supportive space to let go and explore new ways of being and interacting. Beautiful
Alexis Pearce

More Testimonials

“We really enjoyed the Big Relax last Sunday. Thank you – we both slept like babies and woke refreshed and very happy.”
Marie-anne and Patrick

“It was so lovely to meet you Neal and you helped me immensely to feel more confident about getting back on my feet. Very many thanks again.”
Helen Simons

“Beautifully crafted lessons, caring, sequential and elegantly paced.”
Marta Fisch

“Thanks for all the help and support you have offered. I have loved the Yoga Essentials classes.”
George Cox

“I’m grateful to you Neal for what you make available through (not only) yoga.”

“Thank you for the mindful, spiritual practice Neal. Sessions with you keep me in touch with the essence of being. Namaste.”

“Thank you Neal for reminding me to go gently, fluidly and playfully with and in my practice.”
Tanya Batt

“I travel to Waiheke often from Canada. Your yoga classes are one of the highlights. Thank you for inspiration, patience and integrity.”

“Neal lives and breathes yoga from his heart. He teaches as a student, always inquiring, always inspiring. Thank you. Namaste.”

“Learning to be fluid in my body helps me to be fluid with myself. I know more about movement and breath now, thanks to the mindfulness you Neal, bring to us. Thank you.”


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