Wisdom Of The Moving Body

5Rhythms® Dance and Yoga Retreat
with Sacha Paddy and Neal Ghoshal

Opening doorways to the inherent intelligence of our body.

Mana Retreat, Coromandel
18-20th August 2017
$420 (incl tuition, accom & food)

Bookings: manaretreat.com
+64 (07) 866 8972 

Our bodies are designed to move and they love to move! Dynamic movement practices such as yoga and 5Rhythms dance involving non-habitual movement, are now known to be especially beneficial for our holistic health.

When we move our body we not only feel physically enlivened, but our moods can lighten and shift, our mind can feel more spacious and we can connect with a sense of our soulful being. The simple act of engaging in conscious movement practices has a profound effect on every aspect of our life and living.

This is the power and wisdom of the moving body.

This weekend, with the guiding lights of 5Rhythms Dance and Yoga, we open doorways to the inherent intelligence of our being and our own transformative potential.

This workshop is accessible to all those with a willingness to move.

First session on Friday 7.30pm  (Dinner 6pm)
Finishing on Sunday 3pm

Sacha Paddy is a certified teacher of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms dance and an Open Floor Movement teacher who loves to share this simple, vibrant path to embodied freedom.

Neal Ghoshal is a passionate teacher of Yoga which he sees as a path guiding us home to a place of peace and relaxed openness in each moment.

He teaches widely and is on the faculty of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training in Auckland.

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