Your Shining Vulnerability

Last month I attended a wonderful seven day iRest Yoga Nidra retreat in Melbourne with Anne Douglas and Fuyuko Toyota. They are such wonderful teachers indeed – a beautiful experience. About half way through there was rich discussion on being vulnerable. It stirred up a lot of emotions for me and I spent much of the next 24 hours writing and journaling. Eventually, a poem arrived … I thought I’d share it …

Your Shining Vulnerability

Your being vulnerable is a gift
Offering me a world of compassion.
Warm gratitude indeed,
For your willingness to reveal and open yourself.
Your heart transparent and clear;
True, strong, resilient and natural.

And there is a kindness here arising for myself,
Who for countless lost years has suppressed vulnerability;
Closed off, fearful of judgment, rejection and abandonment.
Now I see – this is no fault of mine,
Just another story visiting.

Your being vulnerable is a shining, generous light.
Now trust begins to blossom,
And a permission is quietly arising
To open to what I have hidden for so long.

Ah … this light … is a lover of love!
And the silence inside is magnified a thousand times.
With humility, awe, and a tender presence,
I am with you.

The Pilgrimage To My Self

This morning a poem arrived …

In my childhood somebody suggested,
“Just be yourself.”
What a wonderful notion!
But what did it mean? [Read more…]

A Year of Yoga

Neal GhoshalLast year I taught a lot of Yoga! So much so that by November I was rather tired, exhausted even. I found that I was way out of balance, working late to keep up with the workload, waking up early when our daughter Tula wakes up. The sleep deprivation was certainly not helping re-gain my vitality.

I felt that my regular classes on Waiheke were suffering somewhat from my tiredness.

I turned up to each class of course but often with only a vague idea of what I would teach. Part of this was actually useful and interesting … how do I teach when I’m under this amount of pressure? Can I improvise class after class?

It was in fact engaging simply to turn up to class and meet whoever walked through the classroom door, and create on-the-fly classes and sequences geared right to these students exactly as they were in that moment.

[Read more…]

Moving Towards Our True Nature

Neal GhoshalI have been studying the the iRest approach to Yoga Nidra recently and in the teaching manual, founder and teacher Richard Miller talks about the qualities of our true nature:

Loving, Kindness, Presence, Unconditional, Peaceful, Friendliness, Unattached, Happy, Joyfulness, Faith, Trusting, Transparency, Mindfulness, Responsive, Purity, Truthfulness, Contentment, Luminous, Powerful, Knowing, Full, Empty, Tender, Spontaneous, Authentic, Creative, Intimate, Complete, Aware (and more).

Who would not want these qualities to fill our lives? In fact, they are already present with us (we are always whole) – we can witness kind acts, friendliness, ease, creativity etc. as everyday happenings. We are not so separate from our true nature as we may sometimes believe.

[Read more…]

Chinese Symbol For Presence

The Chinese symbol for presenceI recently took an early morning private group for yoga here on Waiheke at the Marae. It was a very beautiful start to a few days … practicing as the sun was rising, casting a beautiful light on the ocean shore just down from where we were. We’re blessed on Waiheke to have a lovely Marae right on the beach!

One of the students, Eileen was inspired to give me a Chinese symbol which beautifully represents the senses, the heart and presence. I thought I would post it up here … hope you enjoy it!

Blessings (and thank you Eileen),


Feeding and looking after India’s homeless and destitute … inspirational

Narayanan Krishnan brings hot meals daily to India’s homeless and destitute. Since 2002, the chef has served more than 1.2 million meals through his nonprofit organization, Akshaya Trust.

For me, this is an example of yoga in action … enjoy and be inspired …

The Heart Moving

Scratch your left ear with your right foot by all means
But show me how your heart moves
Stand on your head til the cows come home
Or show me a thousand different points of view
Flip flop and drop back
Another 108 sun salutes just like that,
But I’d rather know if you can meet every edge in your body with kindness
If you have the courage to uncover and tolerate the truth about yourself
And carry this stranger across fields of muddy waters
Bending over backwards to offer out whatever you have left.

The absolute gift of breath flowing with consumate ease through every joint
The moment to moment knowledge of how each beautiful step initiates, transfers and completes
Gliding softly and smoothly, transition after transition
The quiet grace of the wild cat
Each dawn awakening fresh and vibrant
And the night, not a collapse in a heap, but a presence to the wonderful art of resting
Liquid pouring onto the earth
Facing the end with a breathing centre
And be held with great love
And turn and wonder, “My beloved, how does kindness move here?”

Neal Ghoshal

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