Long Days, Short Years

Someone said to me yesterday that with a baby, the days are long and the years are short. Mmmm, I can already see what they mean.

It’s been just about 4 weeks since the birth of our baby girl, and it seems like 4 months and yet on another level it’s all gone so quickly. Tula Bliss was born on the morning of 22 June – a very beautiful experience for us two three – Tula was born in a pool, at our home on Waiheke, no complications, though of course birthing was  intense. So many amazing moments, connecting eye to eye, soul to soul, learning to be parents, sleep deprivation (no matter what people tell you nothing prepares you for so many sleepless nights), changing nappies endlessly, endless feeding sessions, figuring out an approach to bouts of baby crying….

It’s a steep learning curve that’s for sure and every day seems like a long adventure. That’s why the days are long, and we have to be so present, that the weeks are beginning to pass by.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the past mothers would say to me that they wish they could come to yoga class but don’t have the time as it’s all taken up being a parent. And I would reply, “Well that’s a yoga practice in itself, looking after a young being.” And now I truly know what it is like. Looking after Tula has opened my heart, opened me to new levels of unconditional kindness and unconditional service.

Yogis and Buddhists often talk about service and kindness as spiritual paths, and I have truly felt the truth of that over the last 4 weeks.

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New Beginnings…Entering the Unknown…

Dear friends,

As you can see this is our new Sacred Moves website! We’re beginning afresh and we hope you like the new look. It will hopefully be easier to update and also gives us new functionality – like this blog! So please feel welcome to browse around the site, and send us some feedback too.

New Beginnings…Entering the Unknown…
For Sacha and myself, these are big times…we have just a few weeks to go til our first baby is due. Well in fact the little soul could arrive at any time, and there’s one of the first teachings I have received from our baby. It seems to be a great unknown! When will the baby arrive? What will the labour be like for us? The birthing? Being a parent of a new born? Keep Reading >>

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