Tapas – The Fire For Your Practice

In the Yoga Sutras, the sage Patanjali gave us the eight limbs of  yoga – practices which support us in our spiritual development. The second limb, called The Niyamas, guide us in ways to look after our personal well-being. They are – Saucha (purity), Santosha (Contentment), Tapas (The Fire Of Your Practice), Svadhyaya (Self Sudy) and Ishvara Pranidhana (Surrender To Spirit).

Tapas - generating the fire for your practiceTapas (Yoga Sutra 2.43) – may be literally translated as Heat, but I like to think of it as The Fire For Your Practice. It is the effort, the spiritual fire needed for practice, to step on to your yoga mat, every day (or week, or into some form of formal spiritual practice, whatever that is). One cannot truly be in practice without the necessary endeavour to turn up to it. In this sense it is the discipline to practice. Here are a couple of interesting quotes:

“It has been said that if you do not have discipline, it is like trying to walk without legs. You cannot obtain liberation without discipline.” Chogyam Trunpa

“The discipline to be a free spirit.” Gabrielle Roth

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Two great videos introducing the 5Rhythms practice

Perfect introductions to the 5Rhythms practice.


New Beginnings…Entering the Unknown…

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New Beginnings…Entering the Unknown…
For Sacha and myself, these are big times…we have just a few weeks to go til our first baby is due. Well in fact the little soul could arrive at any time, and there’s one of the first teachings I have received from our baby. It seems to be a great unknown! When will the baby arrive? What will the labour be like for us? The birthing? Being a parent of a new born? Keep Reading >>

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